A-4Q "Skyhawk II" 3-A-305 Armada Argentina JP-368 View larger

A-4Q "Skyhawk II" 3-A-305 Armada Argentina JP-368

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3a Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Caza y Ataque
Rio Grande NAS, Argentina. May 21, 1982
Pilot Teniente de Navío Carlos Lecour

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Data sheet

By TimeframeFalkland - Malvinas
By ModelA-4 Skyhawk
By Illustrator Ugo CRISPONI

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On May 21, 1982 two groups on A-4Q “Skyhawk II” from 3a Escuadrilla Aeronaval took off from Rio Grande Naval Air Base. Their target was the british “Type 21” frigate HMS ARDENT, located 2 miles north of the West Island (Bahía Ruiz Puente in Estrecho de San Carlos) in Falklands Malvinas. 1st Section of “Skyhawk” was composed by: 3-A-307 Capitan de Corbeta Alberto Jorge Philippi, 3-A-312 Teniente de Navío José César Arca, 3-A-314 Teniente de Fragata Gustavo Marcelo Márquez. The 2nd Section by 3-A-301 Teniente de Navio Benito Rótolo, 3-A-305 Teniente de Navio Carlos Lecour, 3-A-306 Teniente de Navio Roberto Sylvester. The A-4s approched the target below 50 feet altitude climb to 300 feet to drop their weapons. The attck begun at 14:50 local time. At 15:01 the 1st Section attacked the frigate dropping their 227 kgs Mk.82 “Snakeye” bombs while at 15:05 the three argentinian aicraft were intercepted by british “Sea Harriers” FRS.1 from 800 Squadron: 3-A-314 and 3-A-307 were shot down and 3-A-312 was critically damaged. At 15:30 the 2nd Section dropped  weapons, evaded and could land at Rio Grande NAS. Three A-4s were destroyed while the HMS ARDENT was sunked.