petruccioli.jpgSergio PIETRUCCIOLI (I)

Born in 1946 in Rome, has always being interested in airplanes and military related  history. Since his childhood he used to paint battle scenes, soldiers, airplanes trying to copy what he watched on movies in ‘50s. His skill in painting allow him to use watercolors, oils, tempera and....BIC pens. He spent his life as officer in Italian Army and than as employee of ENI company, till 2003 when he retired. With more free time he could dedicate to his hobby and main interest, changing in better his technique, this time more focused on details. He use to attend in several expò and exhibitions mainly in Rome aerea and sometimes in Novegro, Milan. With his friend Francesco Cestra, he could improve his artworks in the digital era. In 2004 cooperate with Italian Air Force creating some artworks of historical italian airplanes. Actually he is working with some editors for new projects. Petruccioli is also a skillful modeler, able to create from scratch even a moving M-14 tank model in metal of 55cm lenght and 8 kgs of weight. Nowdays he lives in Anzio.

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