Roberto ZANELLA (I)

Born 1957 in Udine, Italy. Graduated from Institute of Art of his home town, at the age of 17 got licence to fly on gliders at Sezione Militare di Volo a Vela of Aeronautica Militare Italiana in Rieti.
Since 1983 enjoy flying with ultralight aircrafts.
He works as graphic-illustrator, and concerning his artistic performances, his prefers subjects that belong to italian aviation history. 
His artworks had been exposed in many exhibitions. 
He also worked with Italian Air Force, drawing the manifesto of "Giornata dell'Ala" [Wing's day] for the celebration of 75 Years of AMI and the Air Force Museum of Vigna di Valle.
He collaborated also with Frecce Tricolori, in editorial works and scale model activities.

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