varju.jpgJozsef VARJU (Hu)

Jozsef was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1960. He lives and works there as a graphic designer, typographer, editor. He started his own company Grafikaland 2006. He makes advertising material and brochures for companies (starting from calling cards to photomurals). Image, advertisement, campaign etc. He uses traditional tools: brush, airbrush, pen as well as modern computer technology. On the computer he works with Corel (Draw, Photo-Paint, Painter) and Adobe (Photoshop,Illustrator, InDesign) software. With his name (Varju = Crow) endless love and passion for flying couldn't be out of his life. First He made plastic scale model aircrafts 1:72, 1:48 even as a child. Then in his teenage years he went gliding and hang gliding. Today as he has two daughters (Veronika and Viktória), as a hobby he collects photos, books, brochures and pieces on the history of Hungarian and international aviation and designs graphics on this field. His latest field of interest is paragliding- for fear his wife should forebode it...

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