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Since 2003 we proudly create the morale-booster lithographs under commission from U.S. MARINE CORPS, U.S. AIR FORCE, U.S.NAVY, U.S. COAST GUARD, U.S. ARMY, LUFTWAFFE, KLU, HEER,HEERESFLIEGER, ÖSTEREICHISCHE LUFTSTREITKRÄFTE, EXÉRCITO BRASILEIRO, پاک فضائیہ, MARINHA DO BRAZIL, FLYVEVÅBNET, RAAF, RAN, ΠΟΛΕΜΙΚH ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡIΑ, EJERCITO DE CHILE, ARMADA DE CHILE, भारतीय वायु सेना, العمليات الخاصة المشتركة الاردنية, EJÉRCITO DEL AIRE & ARMADA DE ESPAÑA, TÜRK HAVA KUVVETLERI, القوات الجوية الملكية السّعوديّة, AMI , JASDF, but also RED BULL AIR RACING TEAMS and AIRLINERS. We are specialist suppliers of technical illustrations and drawings to AVIATION/AEROSPACE INDUSTRY, MANUFACTURERS, PUBLISHING INDUSTRY. We create unique logos and designs on aircraft for SPECIAL COLORS, PATCH and MEMORABILIA for lots of SQUADRONS and LAW ENFORCEMENT UNITS AND EMS all over the World: for them we made and make the always rare Squadron finest Lithos & Prints!


"AWESOME! You would not believe the buzz in the squadron from everyone looking it over
and telling me how great a job you've done. I have had people tell me the look of this particular litho and the layout is the best looking lithograph they've ever seen in their many years in the US Air Force. You should feel very proud".
Capt.[...], Hill AFB

 "Thanks Ugo and crew. The three prints you did for us were very successful. They really helped us raise some serious cash for each project! The prints also told the story of the aircraft and the story of their restorations. We hope to do more in the future. Thank you for the beautiful F-106A "Delta Dart", the F-101B "Voodoo" and the ...B-52H "Stratofortress"
Your work is the best!
Your friend Lani Duquette and the K.I. Sawyer Heritage Air Museum Aircraft Restoration Division, K.I. Sawyer, Michigan, USA