My name is Mike Fuller, and I’d like to tell you a little about my background as an illustrator which has led me to publish this varied mix of profile artworks. After art school I joined the technical publications department of Hawker Siddeley Aviation in the Richmond Road factory working on projects like Harrier and Hawk. Later I joined the technical publications department of the British Aircraft Corporation at Brooklands, working on Concorde. I spent several years as a specialist senior illustrator, designer for the Ministry of Defence working mainly on armoured fighting vehicles. I have produced finished artwork for many exhibitions including: The Farnborough Airshow, The British Army Equipment Exhibition Aldershot. I have  freelanced for many of these years working for publishers including Hamlin, Brown Books and Osprey Publications. I have been commended at the Bologna Book Fair. I have a love of nautical architecture and many technical achievements of the industrial age. This new range of framable exclusive artworks are all produced from well researched engineering drawings and photographs, contemporary and museum  exhibits. And all the subjects are painstakenly researched by myself and my small team. I hope that I have brought all of this experience in this new collectable range of profile artwork. I hope you enjoy my work.

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