amedeo_gigli.jpgAmedeo GIGLI (I)

Amedeo Gigli was born in Rome on March 2, 1931 where he still lives and works. After completing his studies at the Art Lycée he studied at the Architecture and Fine Arts Academy. He realized a very large number of illustrations for Advertising Agencies, Publishing Houses, Companies and Privates. In the last few years, he has been working almost exclusively with Computer Graphics attending at the Corel Corporation World Design Contest, winning several awards. During his career as illustrator, he led activities as scientific discloser: he published books and illustrated articles for kids in Italy an worldwide. For this purpose he also collaborated with the RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana). On 1998 started the realization of multimedia and interactive products for children, including themes of scientific culture as well as games of every type, from space battles to quiz solution, riddles and puzzles on the treated arguments. In 2000 he realized a CD-ROM about the European Union for Editoriale San Paolo. During the same year, his interactive web pages have been published on the Internet for the EniScuola web site (Fondazione Enrico Mattei). Recently he is making some multimedial products for the "Giornalino Multimedia", edited by Editoriale San Paolo. Regarding aviation related illustrations he worked for  VOLARE Editoriale Domus, BONANZA BOOKS N.Y., SÜDWEST VERALG MÜNCHEN, CURCIO EDITORE Roma, ALI, OLTRE IL CIELO ('50s) GRUPPO EDITORIALE FABBRI, MONDADORI, JANE'S.

Since last December 9, 2020 Amedeo's soul flies in the sky among his beloved planes. Rest in peace old friend, we miss you.


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