federica_mazzetto.jpgFederica MAZZETTO (I)

Born in Padova, Italy, she studied at the Art’s Institute of her town, and after graduated she studied at the Academy of fine Arts in Venezia, where she graduated with a thesis: “Flying Machines in the Art”. Her artworks are all dedicated at the Flight, from the Icaro Legend to the first Flying Machines, from the Historic Aircrafts to the Modern Jets. A special place is dedicate for her loved F-104 Starfighter, who became soon her favorite subject, and that she was lucky to know very well, thanks to the 22° Group “Spaventapasseri”, IAF, where she got the opportunity to do twice the testing start engine run and full AB, and then at the Strfighters Team in the USA. For many years she collaborated with the Caproni Museum, where she got also a Diploma of Honor, and realized the commemorative post cards for the meeting of the SM-79 crews, and prints dedicated to the Italia Airship (of 1905) for the international conference on the Airships. She collaborated also with some of the Groups of the IAF, and her paintings had been exposed many times, in personal and also collective exhibitions, in many towns and museums. She loves to use the airbrush technique and the acrylic colours. Nowadays she lives in USA, where she continues to paint Airplanes and is happily married.

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