marcelo.jpgMarcelo RIBEIRO (Br)

Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva was born in 1976 in Curitiba, the Paraná State capital, in the Southern region of Brazil. Since very young age his interests in military aviation, military history and scale models were noticed, being since that time his most important hobby and subjects of interest. Graduated in Journalism since 2002, has been writing articles related to military aviation history for important Brazilian and South American magazines from this time on. In his carreer related to aviation, have practiced his skills in aviation profile drawings since 2003, when begun his works as a hobby. Since them, has improved his style and has illustrated some Brazilian Magazines, websites and books, almost always with military aircraft profiles. His main interests in military aviation profiles are Brazilian Air Force aircrafts, Vietnam and Falklands War and Arab-Israely conflicts. Nowadays, besides making profiles in his free time, he works as SEO Analyst on an internet agency, making websites well ranking on search results and researching about web search engine optimization.


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