Mark RolfeMark ROLFE (UK)

Hailing from Dorset in the United Kingdom, Mark was born in 1967 and now lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire. He has been involved in the aviation and publishing industry since 1989 and has illustrated a large number of books and magazines both in the UK and abroad. Additionally he has produced illustrative work for the scale modelling industry, along with kit decals, and also private commissions. He has always had an interest in aviation and military history and the subject matter that entails. He also illustrates automotive subjects. Mark prefers to depict his subjects as they appear ‘in the field’ so to speak and uses photographic and real life reference to make sure that any weathering and/or wear and tear is sympathetic to the subject he is illustrating, and to achieve as high a level of accuracy as he possibly can. For the last twenty years, Mark has produced digital artwork as it allows for a much greater degree of flexibility and freedom. His chief areas of interest lie in the Second World War, particularly the war on the Eastern Front, and also the Cold War. In his spare time, Mark is also a keen photographer.

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