Carlo CESTRA (I)

Carlo Cestra was born in 1969 in Rome, Italy. He is a digital 3D artist. He joined the computer graphic world in the early '90s creating digital contents for some local TVs, meanwhile he was studying Physics at "La Sapienza" University. His hometown fueled his passion for ancient history and he was probably one of the first digital artists to apply computer graphics to archeology and history. In 1998 he was employed in the Computer Graphic and Special Effects Department of the italian television "RAI" as 3D generalist and compositor for scientific broadcast, including "SuperQuark Speciale" and "Passaggio a Nord-Ovest", two of the most important TV scientific programs in Italy, where he worked for about a decade. Currently he manages CARLO CESTRA DIGITAL PRODUCTIONS, a digital content creation company that he founded in 2010. The company creates 3D compelling reconstructions, animations and 360º videos about archeological, historical, technical and scientific topics. During these years he created many digital reconstructions and artworks about historical ships and battleships both for documentaries (some of which broadcast on History Channel and Discovery Channel) and for specialized magazines.

Contact: [email protected]

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