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Francesco Magnanelli. Born in 1942, Jesi, Ancona, Italy. I have had a fifty-year work experience in the field of design through which I have worked with several architectural studios as specialized project illustrator, using a “mixed hand-computer technique” ( Given that I started drawing from a very early age, since 1946, I have great deal of expertise with colour proportions and connections. My deep love for the world of flight comes from my father Marcello, who used to tell me many stories about the “idrocorsa” planes he saw once in Ancona. The same father used to build wooden models of Macchi 202 and sell them at the family shop, which was empty of the usual goods due to the war. In the early '50s I was attending, enchanted, the last stately silvery SM82PW engine start-up at Jesi airport (Ancona) - the same airport used by Savoia Marchetti for its planes - when a very dark Panther U.S. Navy accelerated with its unmistakable rumble, quickly vanishing in a vertical climb. Sometimes also the memorable Mascellani would fly right above our heads and we could see him performing somersaults with his G-59, pushing the Merlin flat out: what a melody!  Drawing airplanes? My  great passion which consistently gives me an adrenaline rush that sends shivers down my spine… It is unavoidable for anyone could not pilot them!  


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