giorgio_ciancia.jpgAngelo M COLOMBO (I)

Born in 1960 in Novara, Italy, in 1979 completed the diploma at the Varese Arts Institute (Istituto Artistico di Varese). As new technology became available moved away from traditional drawing techniques and started to use 2D and 3D computer graphics, specialising in mechanical drawing. For the last thirty years he has been working as an illustrator for advertising and general publishing. He also worked on drawings of architectural interiors and on the restoration and cataloging of artistic treasures. His drawings have appeared in, amongst others, publications by some of the best-known archeologists specialising in Ancient Egypt, Venice, Angkor Wat. Petra, Persia and Islamic monuments. He drawn complete archeological sites with reconstructions of buildings, temples and necropoli. Also worked with the aviation industry drawing concept views. His long-standing passion for aviation, beginning with static model-making and then taking part in exhibitions and finally writing and illustrating articles for aeromodelling magazines.


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