eric.jpgEric DE BEST (NL)

Eric de Best, born at Leiden, the Netherlands in 1961, is an artist by profession, and he saw a chance to involve his other passion, aviation, into his work. Specialising in military cockpit art, he has contributed to some important and legendary consumer flightsimulations like Microsoft Flightsimulator © and Falcon 4.0 © and to Air Force and defense contractors delivering software and cockpit art for their flightsimulation trainers. Military jets and their ‘offices’ as the cockpits are sometimes called, offer the most intrigueing challenges for an artist to replicate, since they are usually designed to deliver high performances in combat using a multitude of systems. Eric visits airbases, airshows and private military plane and cockpit owners to get as accurate details as possible and if allowed some time in the cockpit.


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