Alexandre GUEDES (Br)

Born in São Paulo, Brazil but moved to Natal as teenager, in the NE region of the country. It was known as 'Trampoline to Victory' in WW2 due to an American Air Base created by them. Since he was a kid, he always had love for drawing, painting and collecting scale models. Aviation, his great passion, was always part of it. Since 1988, once graduated in Advertising, worked for several Graphic Design and Advertising companies in Natal. In 2009 he opened his own design company "Tentaculo Design" which he runs to this day. Always created military and civilian aircraft profiles in an amateur way by hobby or by influence of friends in the model making hobby. In January 2016 he created Illustrated Aviation, a page on Facebook for his designs when he began to impress a more professional character to his designs.

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