Born in 1973 in Aix, France, i always has been hooked by great illustrators work, in particular Roy Huxley and Angus McBride. I'm currently working on IT, and long time as a webmaster. So I dealt with all kind of mediums and subjects, from charcoal portaits, to medieval miniature, furniture design, theater decors, abstract and modern art, 3D, scuplture, architecture, Video montage, vectorial and pixel with all kind of softwares. But profiles really keeps my collectioner interest high up and i tried to cover successively sportcars, planes, ships, and tanks, with a deep interest for historical reconstitutions. Publishers includes The National Geographic (US & Spain), Historia (France), Mondadori group (France), Geo (Germany), Asian Geographic (Singapore), and many specialized magazines. My latest works can be seen on tanks-encyclopedia.com,  and navistory.com

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