Oskar Gawlowski was born in 1981 in Warsaw, Poland. He is an illustrator, architect and modeller. He is a great enhusiast of military history and airplanes since early childchood (His Grandfather was a pilot, who was flying a very wide range of airplanes and helicopters, like Il-2 Stormovik, MIG-15 or Mi-2). Aviation art is his life passion for about fifteen years now, but he paints also other types of military and civil equipment. In his paintings and drawings he puts emphasis on dynamic scenes and also historical and technical accuracy. He specializes in digital painting, pencils and coloured pencils. In 2013 he won the competition for NATO Tiger Meet scheme for Polish F-16 Fighters, announced by pilots of 6th Fighter Squadron from Poznan-Krzesiny Air Base. Pilots from this unit used this scheme also another year at NATO Tiger Meet 2014. From this time on he was announced as a friend of 6'th Fighter Squadron. Since 2013 his works can be seen at model kits boxes of Mirage Hobby and Schlesienmodelle.

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